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Fantastic! Please more!

No lags, no problems, nothing bad. Amazing graphic management! It´s perfect! Every Tomb Raider lover has to get this! Aspyr, please, PLEASE, release Tomb Raider I, III, IV, V and the Gold Versions for the Mac Store as well! Please!! And to everyone who has problems with the stirring; you can easily configurate everything. I don´t see the problem ^^

Raiding Tombs in Style

For those familiar with this franchise on other platforms, nothing too much needs to be said. Straightforward port without adding anything native to the Mac (e.g. quitting the fullscreen mode). For those who have not played the Tomb Raider series, I dont think this will give you much in the way of instant gratification. I suspect what it will give new or casual gamers is instant frustration. I definitely recommend you persevere until you get the hang of the game controls. Just starting and playing without reading a manual on the controls might make a bit of a learning curve. The elegance of the controls and subtle interaction between combined actions will need some experimentation (yes, there is the training mode -- but it still assumes you know what youre doing and what button is what). Which reminds me, I cant imagine plaything this without a gamepad (keyboard controls should certainly up the difficulty factor).

Tomb Raider II Controls

I was really enjoying the nostalgia of play this game on my 27" iMac. Sadly once I got to Venice I was unable to get out of the boat once I got into it. No sequence of controls (on both the keyboard or on my Logitech dual action game pad) seems to work. As a result it was a pretty short game! Am I missing something obvious?

not so fun....

So, got really excited about this game, until I tried to play it...first off...trying to guess what the controls are isnt fun....and even after doing a google search, i found the contols, but am unable to basically cant get off the first screen.... waste of time....waste of money-dont bother downloading this! It will just make you angry!!!

For those who have played it before only

Tomb Raider II was great when it came out. I enjoyed it quite a bit back then, and beat it more than once. Nowadays, its certainly not as good. The graphics are ugly but, more importantly, the controls are not intuitive at all, especially compared to the more recent entries in the series. (And, in reply to an earlier review, to get out of the boat, keep the jump button down and then press left or right). Music is pretty rare, but when its there, its pretty good. Im happy that this game is out for Mac OS X and I am glad I bought it. (Hopefully, Tomb Raider Gold will eventually be released as well.) However, if youve never played it before, its probably best to just ignore it. If youve played it before and enjoy a blast from the past, then its great!


Works fine for me! I think the graphics are faster than on my old pc! I hope theyll put Tomb Raider 1 on the App Store too!

Tomb Raider

This game is amazing since it is now on OS X insted of just Power PC. I was longing to play it and now I finally can! This game has everything you’re looking for in Tomb Riader. hte gameplay is the same as it was all those years ago when it came out, which is great becuase you don’t have to learn any new controls. There is no bugs at the moment. If you could add another game, I would love to see Battlefield 1942 for Mac OS X. It was my childhood and i love it so much. And maybe Command and Comquer Generals for OS X as well. Hopefully these titles show up in the upcoming years.

Nostalgia & Awesome

This was my first non console game when it came out originally, and replaying it was so much fun. It takes the first few levels to master the controls using keyboard, however its so worth it. Still the best Tomb Raider game IMO. More difficult than the modern games with better UI; and so (like you may remember): SAVE, SAVE, SAVE before you make that leap!

Golden Mask levels and windowed resolution.

The game has never crashed to me a single time, and thats just good. Yet Im quite disappointed with the limitedness of graphic options, why cant one set what resultion the game should run, at least in windowed mode? Moreover, why arents integrated videocards supported? This game used to run with all graphic options enabled with a 8 MB 3D videocard! I hope the Golden Mask levels will be eventually released in an updated or as a separate purchase, I do miss the Las Vegas level!

Decent Port

Its a decent port, supposedly supports a handful of third party controllers (though I dont have one to test it out). Has no graphics options in game that I can find other than fullscreen or windowed. On fullscreen, the 3D graphics are up resed to your default resolution and 2D assets are stretched. Honestly, if you have a PS3 or PSP youd be better off getting it there since its $5.99 ($2 less then the mac version as of this review), plus it plays like it was originally intended.


This Tomb Raider 2 port runs great. I have this game for my windows laptop and compared to it, it runs the same; smoothly. Though there isnt any graphic settings in the game other than the choice of fullscreen or windowed, it seems to me the graphics are as high as it could get. The resolution of the game looks as if its running in 1280x800, which is the resolution of my MacBook Pro. I think it looks great! Thank you Aspyr for adding this game to the MacApp Store. Please dont hesitate to add the others! :)


Amazing port. I have been waiting for this game to be released on the newer systems. I have the old Mac version, the PC version and the Playstation version of TR2. This one is by far the best one. It runs amazing on my 27" iMac at 2560X1440 resolution. By far this is the best port of this game on any platform. :-) THANK YOU ASPYR for this port. This was the game that got me into gaming, back in the PowerPC days. I still remember buying the Voodoo card for my Mac just for this game, and even then it was maxed out at 800X600. Now it runs better than ever, in high resolution. Please make an iPad version of it as well.

Memorable but...

The original use of the control key for Action no go for me. What should I do? I loved this game way back when and had hope of reliving it. Help!

Just Dont ……...

Unless you have lots of money to waste dont buy this one. I enjoy the tomb rider games, this will only be a let down if you played any of the tomb rider games before


Excellent quality. No lag or screen tear at all, but I guess I could say Id expect that from an older game such as this. Well worth your money. Please bring TR1 and 2 to the store next!


This port works great on my 2010 iMac running Lion… just when I had given up the notion of playing this game again. And its indistinguishable (other than the wide screen view) from the Aspyr port I played on OS9 (minus the Apple symbol on the laptop in the cutscene at the end of the first level). Those who are having problems with the keys: the keys are assignable (and always were). Just choose controls and use the left or right arrow to move from the default keys to a user asigned set of controls and then alter them to fit the newer Mac keyboards. I only hope Aspyr brings I, III, IV, V and the Gold levels to the Mac game store too. Are you listening, Aspyr? Theres no Tomb Raider like classic Tomb Raider.


Tomb Raider II works great on my 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro! Im very excited to see this classic game ported for OS X and in a digital format as well; I am going to be playing this a lot. I cant wait for the other titles in the Tomb Raider series to be on sale at the Mac App Store!

Not bad.

I played this game eons ago, on a G3 under OS9. This is a nice port, and is pretty much exactly the same as the version I played years ago. That said, however, the graphics seem a bit dated and blocky, though that doesnt hinder the playing. What does is the weird controls. I have a Logitech F310 gamepad and this game seems… not intuitive. Maybe it just takes a bit of getting used to, but I spent more time walking into walls and whatnot than I did actually playing the game.

Great game

Just played through the first level and everything runs very very smoothly. I am playing with the keyboard and the only negative I wish the game would support is a chance to make custom controls. The roll button is the semicolon button and I think it would be easier if it was either "S" or "D." Could this possibly be an update in the future?? Otherwise, well worth the 8 bucks. Brings me back to my Playstation 1 days!!!

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